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Why babie always cry when flying or going out?

Parents want to do their best to provide the greatest protection for their babies.  But in many cases, the protection of the baby's hearing is easily overlooked. The sound of decoration and construction downstairs, the sound of fireworks and firecrackers in paradise, the horns of cars on the road, the sound of planes taking off and landing... Various noises in life are everywhere. If the baby is exposed to the noise environment for a long time, its hearing may be damaged.

Generally speaking, when the sound of the surrounding environment exceeds 80db, whether it is an adult or a child, he will feel uncomfortable. Long-term exposure to more than 80db can cause headaches and tinnitus, especially for babies whose age is relatively young and their brains are not yet mature enough, they are more sensitive to noise, both physically and emotionally. badly affected.

The best way to protect babies from "noise pollution" is to wear noise-cancelling headphones for them. Many parents wear noise-cancelling headphones for their babies when they take their babies on planes, concerts, concerts, and sports competitions to reduce the impact of ambient noise on the baby. Now let me introduce our kids ear protection earmuffs. We have several patterns and colors for this series, NNR is 22db, which is prefer to babies. Click to see more details and buy for your babies: 👉